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Infrared Roof Inspections

Roof Infrared Analysis

Roof Thermographic Inspection

Preventative Maintenance: Scanning roofs should be scheduled periodically in order to prioritize capital expenditures. This is especially helpful when there are several buildings. Leaking roofs do not always represent the first to be replaced. The most deteriorated looking membrane system does not always allow water to enter the building but be absorbed into the insulation. In many cases, this is caused by deteriorated flashing, and water is not absorbed into the insulation which can be repaired for a good amount less than the entire roof system.

Acceptance of New Roof Systems: Infrared analysis of new roofs before contractors are paid or the contractor’s labor guarantee ends should be a must. This usually lasts one to two years. If you have a problem, it should be determined as soon as possible after the roof system is installed. You pay for a new dry roof system and should not settle for less. If the roof is tight and there are no problems, you should know that, too!

Identifying Existing Roof Problems: Defining areas of wet insulation under the membrane is helpful in determining penetration at which water is entering the roof.

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