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About Us Therma-Scan

We are independent infrared testing consultants.

Robert Hawley
Owner – Thermographer

Why choose us?

Since 1979, Therma-Scan’s highly trained Certified Infrared Thermographers have been trusted by businesses all over the country. Our thermographers can see things that you can’t. We help you identify a potential problem before it becomes a catastrophe, possibly saving you tens of thousands of dollars in repairs and downtime.



Years of Thermography

Therma-Scan is an inspection company only.

We gain nothing from selling products, do not offer any training, and remain independent.

All of our Certified Thermographers use state of the art thermographic imaging equipment in order to identify problems in a variety of situations.

We provide infrared electrical, roof moisture, mechanical and building envelope inspection services for Commercial, Industrial and Residential clients nationwide.

Our clients include safety managers, facilities managers, building managers, building maintenance managers and building owners.

Infrared surveys performed by our experienced thermographers provide a significant advantage to your preventative or predictive maintenance programs.

Infrared testing is one of the most widely recognized forms of non-destructive testing (NDT) in use today. Testing can be an important component of your overall preventative maintenance program.

With our infrared technology we, at Therma-Scan, Inc., can save you dollars through minimizing the risk of potential problems and isolating existing deficiencies.

Our detailed bound reports contain digital photographs and thermograms showing any deficiencies found in the scan and an explanation including the location of the deficiency and how it should be corrected.

We provide the finest infrared inspections.

FLIR Thermographic Camera

We Can Help Identify Problems With

Electrical Distribution System

  • Defective Wires
  • Loose or Defective Lugs
  • Loose or Defective Breakers
  • Phase Unbalance
  • Loose or Defective Fuse Sockets & Clamps
  • Overloaded Circuits

Built-Up and Single-Ply Roof Systems

Built-Up and Single-Ply Membrane Roofs can absorb and hold water for months before a leak is noticed, thus reducing the life of the roof membrane and ultimately the deck structure.

Wet insulation has the ability to absorb and conduct heat many times that of dry insulation, increasing thecost substantially of heating and air conditioning. We can detect this moisture without disturbing the roof membrane. 

Steam & Hydronic Heating Systems

  • Defective Steam Traps
  • Steam Leaks Underground
  • Steam & Water Pipe Blockage
  • Refractory Linings for Defects

Building Insulation & Thermal Evaluation

  • Improperly Installed Insulation
  • Infiltration & Exfiltration Leakage Through Mullions & Construction Seams
  • Effective Resistance Value

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