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Electracal Thermographic Scan

Every electrical infrared scan we perform confirms that this service is a MUST for a cost-effective Preventative Maintenance Program. The risk of electrical failures and fires is greatly minimized by isolating potential problems. We have found deficiencies in every electrical scan and helped to avert some potential disasters.

The major deficiency found is high resistance which is usually the result of poor contact between adjacent surfaces or loose connections. This resistance creates heat that is recorded with our thermal imager by converting the infrared radiation into an electrical video signal. Temperatures can also be recorded at the same time. Whether the scanning is performed for preventative maintenance or evaluation of newly installed equipment, you will know the condition of your equipment, thereby enabling you to make informed decisions.

Potential problems that we can isolate:

  • Loose Wires
  • Loose Lugs to Wires
  • Loose Lugs to Panel Bus
  • Defective Breakers
  • Loose Fuse Socket to Panel Buss
  • Loose Breaker to Panel Buss
  • Overloaded Circuits
  • Phase Unbalance
  • Defective Wires

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